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Nostalgic flash reviews – Lenny Kravitz/Mama Said

July 31, 2010


What’s not to like – organic stylings, beautiful songwriting, a mastery of genres. Really a milestone when you think about it. It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over hits the heartstrings still, and appearances from Slash complement the fun of Always on the Run. Sean Lennon also features. But Kravitz is the star here. Advertisements

Music soothes the savage self/beast

May 13, 2010

0 Sometimes only music can ease the mind, and banish the world weariness. Sometimes you don’t want to have to choose the music yourself, and you don’t want to randomise your media player. Enter I thought it was going to be all crunk and gettin’ up in my face and whatnot, but there is […]

Manners are everything

May 8, 2010


My god, you would think grown men and women would understand this. But many don’t. They have degrees, respectability, income and all the rest, and still behave like dicks. My erstwhile employer provided a poignant example today. So you are serving someone and someone else butts in to ask for change. They are indignant that […]

Alleged terror suspects face allegations of terror

August 5, 2009


And I witnessed with my own eyes, from my working perch at a cafe in the legal district of Melbourne, the gathering of many police types, media types and not much else, for around a couple of hours, until at last, a van left the custody centre. And that’s it. But the way the nightly […]

Nostalgic flash reviews – Tori Amos, Boys For Pele

August 3, 2009


Tori Amos looking suitably arty, for the cover of 1996’s Boys for Pele Sweet and acerbic, poetic, beautiful, confronting, mostly driven by keys, piano and harpsichord, occasional contributions from drums and bass, synths, samples. A unique record, it displays power and majesty balanced with quietness – it is balance itself. Discordant, but forgiveably so. Easily. […]

Why is The Breakfast Club so undeniably good?

July 17, 2009


The world weary waiter has always had a grudging relationship with popular culture. While I like to maintain a contemptuous distance with it – like a big sister’s attitude towards her younger brother – the facade must slip occasionally. And for the sake of a certain fellow feeling with my fellow inmates of western society, […]

Short Hairy Dwarf vs Pipe-Down-Kids

September 12, 2007


Short Hairy Dwarf said… “Journalism covers a broad field. It does not simply refer to the profession of reporting.” Okay. “define: journalism” at google: Definitions of journalism on the Web: a style of writing for presenting bare facts to describe news newspapers and magazines collectively the profession of reporting or photographing or editing news […]