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Damn Socialists

September 4, 2007


It all started around 3wks ago. I got into ‘conversation’ with Socialist Alternative. Like mormons at the door, they hectored me with slogans and cant while pretending to listen to my side. I agree in broad brush strokes with much of the general socialist paradigm. And hey, on the left, we all need allies. However […]

INactivism update

September 4, 2007


I’ve been researching the latest on the National Day of Action against bad juju in the tertiary sector. I have not found a thing. Not one measly mention of the protest. Not even the National Union of Students have anything in their media section. Not even socialist sites i checked had a mention. Its all […]


August 22, 2007


Feel bad. Right this minute a bus is leaving the La Trobe Agora bound for the city and the ‘National Day of Action’ against fees, ‘voluntary student unionism’ and cuts in tertiary education. Its National Union of Students stuff. Big stuff.There might even be a few hundred people there. Maybe even a couple thousand.I won’t […]