Alleged terror suspects face allegations of terror

Posted on August 5, 2009


And I witnessed with my own eyes, from my working perch at a cafe in the legal district of Melbourne, the gathering of many police types, media types and not much else, for around a couple of hours, until at last, a van left the custody centre. And that’s it. But the way the nightly news tells it, it was a bit more dramatic than that.
Now I’m not saying they didn’t do it, but I’m not saying they did either. That is for courts to decide. That is a matter of evidence.
But you’d never know they were terror “suspects” if you believed the Herald-Sun. The word allegation appears nowhere.
Is this the way to run things? I think not.
Can we do no better than locking beardy people up, bombing beardy people, and sewing rancor about beardy everywhere, in order to stop beardy people bombing us, and beardy locking us up, and beardy people sewing rancor eveywhere about us?
Not for me to decide except for myself, I guess.

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