INactivism update

Posted on September 4, 2007


I’ve been researching the latest on the National Day of Action against bad juju in the tertiary sector. I have not found a thing. Not one measly mention of the protest. Not even the National Union of Students have anything in their media section. Not even socialist sites i checked had a mention. Its all APEC.

Which is fine. had nothing either, but an interesting story on climate action protesters warming up for APEC by shutting down a 600 watt generator in Latrobe valley. For five hours. Not Bad Guys, Quite an Effort.

Interestingly, I’m fairly sure had the story before anyone else. But nothing on the so called national day of action (it no longer warrants upper case).

So clearly, I should either feel bad about not supporting an under attended rally on a worthy issue, or I should feel relieved I didn’t waste time on a non starter. I feel a bit of both.

Having just set up facebook profileness, I’m seeing more clearly how more may be done through the Medium of the Internet. Specifically through social, or many-to-many sites.

My pa, (nom de web Slim Pickens) is working on just such a thing. Called Please check it out. And make him a facebook friend also, cause he’s a dude who knows how to have a good internet time. This kind of stuff (many to many, web 2.0 or whatever) is more promising, perhaps more relevant, and (let’s face it) much more convenient much of the time, than attending street protests.

Poor old national day of action. Thou will be missed, though I never knew thee to have existed in the first place.