Damn Socialists

Posted on September 4, 2007


It all started around 3wks ago. I got into ‘conversation’ with Socialist Alternative. Like mormons at the door, they hectored me with slogans and cant while pretending to listen to my side. I agree in broad brush strokes with much of the general socialist paradigm. And hey, on the left, we all need allies. However strange and awkward they may be.

So in a spirit of political friendship and siblinghood, I continued the weekly conversations. I regret saying I was interested in attending APEC. As an amateur journalist of course. But going on THE RED BUS to Sydney was not what I really had in mind. Could do untold damage to by neutral credibility. They started hassling me for money for bus tickets, and suggested a personal meeting at other locations.

Besides, 14 or so hours of propaganda that I’ve heard a million times before, in an enclosed space with ‘fun-lovin’ socialist activists would probably be enough to drive me into the arms of the Liberal Party. At least briefly.

Being a hospitality slave, I can’t really afford the time or money to go to APEC anyhow, so Ill just blog events from here, in between dishing up pizzas, lattes and asahi to assorted Fitzroy wankers. Yes, I work at VEGIE BAR, and you may admire my work ever Sunday afternoon, and assorted evenings.

So now, I’m on their watch list probably. No not really. Just that they are annoyed at me, for teasing them with the prospect of becoming a convert, only to awkwardly back out. Thats how they see it. The way I see it, I was open minded enough to want to converse with them. Then things got annoying and one sided (what did I expect?), so I decided to disassociate. They see it as a betrayal I think. They should have met me on my own terms, instead of seeing everything through their own prism.

Their loss. I will continue doing my own best for a better world, and I wish them luck in their own endeavours.