Jesus wouldn’t have an iPod, he’d have a no-name Korean player

Posted on August 1, 2007


I’m sick of people heaping praise on Apple and shit on P.Cs. Or IBM compatibles as we called them in a distant age, a time before mp3 players, internet, a time when cable TV had not yet arrived on our shores, and Monkey Magic was still on the ABC. And kids still read newspapers. Well i did anyway.

I digress. The latest Apple TV campaign against P.Cs is nothing short of slander. It grates on me so much. It has this subtle sneer to it, an almost-hidden snobbishness towards us lowly non Apple users. Its just the same as iPod v any other mp3 player. There are other players just as good, that represent much better value for money, but don’t look as good.

We’ve become a race of technology fetishists, where superficial appearances and prestigious design features have become more important than function and the substance of one’s ideas. To me, the snobbery and ‘envy me’ culture surrounding apples and ipods represents everything that’s wrong with the world.

Besides, real gaming doesn’t happen on apples, it happens on P.Cs, X-box, Playstation and Nintendo. If you want real entertainment the last thing you buy is an apple.

They are the Volvo of computers, it has been said many times. Drivers averse to every risk presented by roads buy Volvos. Electronics consumers worried about being thought less than 100% stylish and cool buy iPods and Apples. In other words, iPod is for people who have no backbone or self-assurance, and have more money than sense, i should add.

And in case anyone thinks i say these things out of envy, FORGET IT. I can afford one, but I DO NOT WANT TO OWN ONE. I don’t feel sorry for myself, i feel sorry for all the people left behind by this snobbishness, this cesspool of material standards that are expressly about exclusivity, in other words, the Haves and the Havenots.

Better to be daggy but aware, than a vacuous fashion victim anyday.

I mean really, are you Li-Lo for life, or are you something more?

You don’t have to be a dickhead all your life.

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