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August 22, 2007


Feel bad. Right this minute a bus is leaving the La Trobe Agora bound for the city and the ‘National Day of Action’ against fees, ‘voluntary student unionism’ and cuts in tertiary education. Its National Union of Students stuff. Big stuff.There might even be a few hundred people there. Maybe even a couple thousand.I won’t […]

Journalism today..sheesh

August 15, 2007


I’m a subscriber to various job sites. I am becoming more bemused everyday about bullshit jobs appearing in my inbox under the category of ‘Journalism/writing’ This is a typical examplePlayer in the Online information environment is seeking a Communications/Campaign Manager to manage client accounts across search marketing platforms Okay. First problem is that this is […]

People seem confused about "politics"

August 1, 2007


For the purposes of Journalism Production Workshop: I think ‘political’ and ‘politics’ in their broadest sense refer to any issue that provokes disagreement between two or more people. Our lecturer gave a good example. To paraphrase: You may not care for much except surfing, so you might wonder what politics has to do with you…but […]

Jesus wouldn’t have an iPod, he’d have a no-name Korean player

August 1, 2007


I’m sick of people heaping praise on Apple and shit on P.Cs. Or IBM compatibles as we called them in a distant age, a time before mp3 players, internet, a time when cable TV had not yet arrived on our shores, and Monkey Magic was still on the ABC. And kids still read newspapers. Well […]