Decorum, manners, etiquette, deportment and so on

Posted on July 30, 2007


May i begin by saying how appalling the chatter was in our first class?

I know it was the first day of classes and everyone’s excited, but still. As they say in sporting circles – “Bit of respect!”

Okay, I’m better now. So thats what in academic circles is referred to as a solecism, an affront to good conduct. And my rebuke is also, so now we’re all even… Anyway thats an issue for last week.

Making headlines this week was the cancellation of our lecture this morning, monday 30 july. Tomorrow however is my birthday, and so nothing can ruffle these old feathers too easily.

Nonetheless, having dragged myself from delicious slumber at the ungodly hour of ten am to get here, its a let down i must say. Ungodly, because like many students these days, i work nights.

Moreover, i cannot for the life of me find the subject page. i know we were given the URL in class 1, but i thought in my great arrogance, that i would remember it. given its logical structure and all. but i didn’t so i’m just guessing at what i should be doing. i’ve written my first blog for this subject. fantastic. and helped someone else get registered on blogger.

and i’ve read kaplan’s ‘editing made easy’. its a good read, and its all thouroughly reasonable and indisputable advice that i’ve yet to put into practice ha ha.

bloody easy btw. so i’ll see all you workshop people in blogspace soon enough

prize to the first person to tell me where and who this quote can attributed

“he said he’d smell me later…but he never smelled me again”