Bang bang, I shot you down, bangkok

Posted on January 17, 2006


Stupid farang . I think that’s what they call us around here.

We deserve it too. I mean this is one prosperous place, very orderly and clean compared to India, a lot of it thanks to Bangkok’s convenience as a transit point. Its serious leisure land. You can get anything you want…do doo do doo doo

But its full of bloody farang. We spend, sure, but we’re annoying. We’re either boorish nitwits or pretentious irrelevancies, or perhaps the other way around. And I haven’t even gotten started on the seedy biznis.

But mostly what irritates me is that its just what i was told it would be. Ah nothing like direct experience to confirm the bleeding obvious. After India, this place reminds me a lot of Melbourne.Only warmer, cheaper, and somehow more bloody annoying. Like the American girl in the garden pub tonight who said to the Thai waiter “Here, this tip is for you if dance for me ah hee hee hee”. From what i could see she gave him maybe 10 or 20 baht for crying out loud. Maybe 2% of his daily pay, perhaps even less. Back home, any waiter would get that just for bringing the coffee on time. Nothing to get excited about certainly.

Let alone fekking dance.

She actually thought it was worth his while. I guess its just ignorance, but still. Go to a flamin titty bar why don’t ya…

But we’re mainly here to get tickets to Vietnam, catch up with some friends and family of Hannah’s and maybe get some beach time in. I’ll get back to you when I know more, or when i go somewhere that doesn’t remind me of everything thats wrong with global culture.

Goddamn farang. I know they’re people just like anyone, with all the faults inheirent. But Still. and i know its all just part of the race to the bottom, go to bleeding tieland for a cheap sunny party holiday instead of paying more somwhere else. Bit of bonus asian culture thrown in. I can see how it happens, all just a product of greater forces, nothing personal. BUT STILL. Hey, they’re only ignorant farang. BUT STILL.

Well, i might go get party some more before bed.

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