well its been a long time since i’ve sat in ac comfort with a computer

Posted on January 11, 2006


Since the last we spoke i’ve been through kerala and done the houseboating thing, but in a canoe. So i guess then its the canoe thing in reality. Made it to kochin, wondered around the ole portuguese fort. Some nice cathedrals. Then off to goa on the overnight train. Spent a few days in calangute before realising we’d made a error in judgement by not heading straight for anjuna or vagator/chapora and other places more to our liking. In vagator now, a hippy kind of place. Lots of rugged individualist euro trance nuts and modern hippies. some surving old ones as well. even the locals here are more out there.

Lotsa couples around here actually, we’re in a trendy hippy part of goa, and everyone goes around on scooters and motor bikes, and we’re no exception. Hannah driving, me dinking. No this is not the usual style. you often see way cool dudes commanding hog motorbikes, with way cool chicks behind, but there’s just as many way cool chix on their own transport. Funniest was seeing slip of a girl riding a hog, and then two dudes dinking on a scooter go past. Ah the whole bike culture is quite fun.

But there’s no outside doof doof parties because of the powleese, bummer, man, so everyone parties till ten pm (ha!), and then rides or walks around in small dejected gaggles of defeated coolness wondering where all the action is, and why no ones invited them to the party that doesn’t actually exist. Well, I should admit that it took us two days to realise there ain’t none to be found, (maybe tonight in anjuna we’ll see).

Thanks to the loud music legal situation whole tourist towns in goa are in economic difficulty. Some are saying it may be the end of goa trance as it once was. Well a smug house music megaclub manager smiled as he related this to me, and a local girl selling sarongs on the beach was pessimistic about the future as well. The trashy/flashy clubs will keep on rocking, if thats your thing, but you can get that anywhere. Global outdoor doof culture has its good and bad points, and is questionable also, but goa had one that was recognised as unique in the world, and whatever the case it brought in people and money.

So its been a bit of a let down. Having said that, i did go to a shameless british/yank/eurotrash tropicana type place with hannah last night. It was great fun actually. First we bemoaned the horrors of global economics and globalised culture, having realised that the surrounding crowd and decor and atmosphere could be found almost anywhere in the world with warm weather and cheap labour. In short we could have been anywhere in the world. Certainly there was no telling we were in india. But after sufficient cocktails and commiseration we danced to all five aussie hits that the otherwise obnoxious dj played, as well as a goodly amount of standard issue retro tropicana classics. again, fun to dance to. It starts ironically, and ends up something else. then your part of the joke, and you can tolerate being where you are.

surprisingly, not one spin of marley’s “sun is shining”.

going up to mumbai soon. and then… well, confucious say: fat western devil who walk down plane sideways, going to bang cock. boom tish.

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