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January 30, 2006


28/1/06 Bloody hell. I heard it was going to be one of the hottest summers for a while. I even had the ken myself that it just might be. You know, in the bones. Well, more believably, Geelong had some sunny, even hot, spring days way back in september and november. It all felt like […]

Bang bang, I shot you down, bangkok

January 17, 2006


Stupid farang . I think that’s what they call us around here. We deserve it too. I mean this is one prosperous place, very orderly and clean compared to India, a lot of it thanks to Bangkok’s convenience as a transit point. Its serious leisure land. You can get anything you want…do doo do doo […]

Lying in a [hash] den in Mumbai boom chuka boom chuka

January 13, 2006


Just kidding. Total delay time to date: 18h5m. India 558: Us 23 But its true to say I’ve had the Men at Work classic in my head since my tropicana trash experience in Calangute. In the aussie contingent Craig McLachlan (no prizes) was a mildly amusing also-ran, ditto the Kylie classic. However the aforementioned MAW […]

well its been a long time since i’ve sat in ac comfort with a computer

January 11, 2006


Since the last we spoke i’ve been through kerala and done the houseboating thing, but in a canoe. So i guess then its the canoe thing in reality. Made it to kochin, wondered around the ole portuguese fort. Some nice cathedrals. Then off to goa on the overnight train. Spent a few days in calangute […]