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Posted on December 12, 2005


Seeing as i have little to report today, except a slight hangover from a couple of Old Monk Rums (sweet aniseedy vanillary bouquet, smooth palate when mixed with brown fizzy, satisfying drop, made in Sikkim apparently. Bloody nice actually, in a way that makes you think its flavoured artificially, rather than a happy by product of the distilling process. But you accept it with pleasure anyway) i’ll talk about others.

“mmmm mediciney”

I think i’ll get ol Jeremy Nijam a bottle seeing as he loves his Bundy. Its better than Bundy i say, and what do you say to that? That and those hopeless kiwis getting the better of your golden boys the other day… news was all delhi a rickshaw driver gleefully informed me…he he he… i waited as long as i could, but now let the torment begin!

Mediciney indeed.

Now where was i?

Oh yes getting personal with my loyal followers seeing as i have nothing to say for myself.
First up, please welcome our newest contestants Danni and Adam, from Gee-funk Oz, and not forgetting young Jackson of course. Adam reported recently:
We’re still plodding along towards Christmas over here, even have a real
Christmas tree this year, first time since I was a kid.

The obvious response is to point out the relatively christmas free zone i currently occupy. A blessing it may seem to many but i’m missing chrissy a little, and Hannah, rushing to complete her last assignment for college here, even more so. Cos she’s a Catholic bless her, and they like to get the family together around that time. Christmas at the folks place when everyone’s there is quite an event I hear. I’ve attended a half strength one, and of that what i do recall, recollections are positive.

No its not the commercialism we miss. Delhi is like remarkably like christmas shopping all year round. Fairy lights, crowds, shoving, pushing, lights on trees, so called bargains everywere. In fact i’m not sure i’ve ever seen a city more intoxicatedly devoted to commerce. No folks its the getting together many people overseas miss around chrissy…

So as me old dad always says, a crappy hissy to you to.
But returning to Adam, yes I note the nostalgia in your comment, and i observe that it is characteristic. A real christmas tree does have a certain something i’ll agree.

Everyone else suffice to say, Adam likes old things, including good country music, particularly Johnny Cash, as does Danni. But don’t let that prejudice y’all against them, they’re fine people regardless.

Thomas, who i think may or may not like country music reported recently:
life is day without knowing why I had to leave my posh upper class snobby life style in Munich and found the most genuine, down to earth, most far removed from reality people on the planet.

I agree with the thrust here Thom, but disagree on the particulars, you haven’t been to deans marsh or ballarat yet…
After three years I sit in London, starring at the
crowds, the dirt, the pollution, the mess, the competition, the money and
wonder what I am doing here.

Sounds just like Delhi old man.
I know what traveling is like, and I know what living without a clear plan is like, and especially when it is somewhere foreign.Enjoy the time you are capable of producing the strength to challege yourself, it seems that at some point it just goes and you become like everybody else.Winter is such a depressing thing in London.

Thanks for the encouragement and vouching Thomas. But yeah the greying effect is what i worry about sometimes when i think about returning to Australia. But i’ll agree with your assessment of London in winter, not from experience but reputation. Winter in Victoria can be tough emotionally, but London… woah.

Meanwhile my witty friend Puska writes
I know what you mean when i was in greece we did the very old building tour,the first 10 are realy interesting, but after 20 or so they all look the same- a heap of old rocks that would have looked much better a few hundred years ago.

Echoing my inner sentiments rather cannily as always, i’m forced by my friend’s insight to admit that some of my enthusiasm for old rocks is manufactured. In my defense i say, you gotta love something about where you are.

But soon my delhi friend Anesh is going to show me some other things about this place, a few days before leaving sigh. But besides that Hannah and I are going shopping soon, now that she has just this second completed a comparative essay on feminism in russia and america. so from the revolution to retail therapy we go. sigh.

shopping not my favourite. but can anyone think of any groovy india stuff they want while im here? serious, let me know.

as puska said

see you round, like a… er… like a circle i guess

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