My guts are doing well

Posted on December 12, 2005


I thought i’d add that today was historical, as it was the first time in a week that i had the courage and stomach to eat at my old faithful street-side breakfast/lunch joint. Its right in my street in Lajpat Nagar, the same guys always hanging round, and they give you steaming subzi (curry) and dal (pulse soup), with chapati (Indian tortilla) and/or puri (deep fried puff bread goodness), around 5 rs a helping. very good value. hot tasty simple nutritious. and the chai walla is just next door.

so to speak. there are no doors in this scenario at all. so that was a misleading figure of speech.

actually i’ll get a photo.

point is, i like going there, but haven’t felt like it since getting the ole delhi belly, (kind of proud in hindsight *sniff* like a coming of age – now i just need bali belly and i have the complete set), and today was the first time yay! feels like an achievement.

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