just a quick one

Posted on December 12, 2005


well not much today except a visit to yet another ruined mosque – the elusive moth-ki-masjid, i eventually figured out that its in a ‘village’ called masjid moth so that cleared that up. it was another old stone thing. it is another one of those ones hiding in the middle of a ‘village’ continuously populated by muslims for probably the entire 500 or so years since it was built. once again, like the others it has a modern non-muslim suburb around it. cool and all but…

i think i need to find a new gimmick. so huge new things perhaps. some modern architecture. actually there is an enormous hindu temple dating from 2005 called akshardhama, that will be my next destination. apparently its hyooj. biggest hindu temple in the world or something. and recentness is no problem, its built in a traditional style of course.

so more on that tomorrow.

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