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Posted on December 11, 2005


Well shout outs to Thomas (and Clare) for being regular readers. My first I think! *sniff*
I’d better reward their loyalty with as regular posting as possible. Going south in a week however, and quitting Delhi. So perhaps less posts, and perhaps the name should change. Yes its been a month in this smoky city already. Not enough accomplished, but there’s always next time.

Next time has already begun to take vague shape of course. I signed onto, which is a big Indian job site. I get offers occassionally, but i under-estimated the salary i’d want to ask for (in rupees that is) as 2 lakh 30,000 rupees per year, or 230,000. About 7,000 AUD. Whoops. I think they think i’m Indian, cos that is typical for a lot of graduates i think.

So i’ll double it and see if the offers still come in. If i get a good one one day who knows?…

Their mainly robot replies though. Here’s a typical one.

Vacancy – Electronic Production Artist ( Quark , Adobe) – US MNC
Company: Target Technology Services India Private Limited serves the in-house Information Technology development needs of Target Corporation and its affiliated companies.Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Target is a dynamic organization with over 280,000 employees and among the best places to work in America. Target is ranked 23rd on the Fortune 500 list and consistently receives national recognition for its comprehensive team benefits, training and education, productive work environment and community giving.Post : Electronic Production ArtistExperience : 2 to 5 years

And so on. They praise the crap out of the company first, every time, underlining the MNC part. Multi-National Corporation that is. They love their MNC’s in India. America based ones are even better apparently. Cos they’re even more badder than the rest.

Oh and the position their hoping to fill for a mer 7-10k, which they will probably manage.
Its not really the cash for me, cos you can live on that. But if something more lifestyle tempting comes in maybe one day i’ll work here.

Its just that rent here ain’t much cheaper than Melbourne really. A lot of people here pay a ridiculous portion of their salary on accommodation, not to mention transport, food, and energy. And clothes. Almost everyone is well dressed. Or carefully dressed anyway, never any holes or missing buttons. Never.

I should buy a needle and thread methinks.

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