Damn forgot the photo CD

Posted on December 11, 2005


Okay here’s the hopefully fixed version of that SNAFU’d post, where not incidentally all the good bits got shrunked. bloody blogger is confusing me, certain illogicalities, maybe i should RTFM.

So unfortunately no photos today peeps.

But i can paint with words perhaps. Today (and last night) Hannah is sick with something that feels a bit like glandular fever. Bummer. Hopefully its not, to state the bleeding obvious.
Unless the alternative is malaria.

She’s still alive last i checked, but it has meant that we cancelled our weekend plans to go to S(h)imla. A beautiful mountainy part of North India. Romantic, scenic, cold. Perfect. But i wasn’t too hot this week either, and well maybe discretion is the better part, hey?

Today and yesterday were spent at the New Delhi Railway Station, in pursuit of tickets. Well 3 hours yesterday got me the tickets. 2 hours today to confirm that i can’t get a refund. Unless i go to window 18 at exactly 10 am monday morning. Which of course i will. Maybe. Its only 20 bucks. But still!

So a bit of shopping in nearby Pahar Ganj, which is where all the backpackers are, (mostly guys with dreadlocks), and girls in loose Indiany clothing. Nice. There’s something comforting about them. I mean i don’t speak to them and they don’t speak to me, well not yet, but i just like to stand on a street and feel like i’m not the only one. Only occasionally do white people appear in my neighbourhood (on the other side of town), not cos its poor, but because there’s not much for non Indians really. The touristy areas are way more fun. So its always a shock, and i gape and point and forget to say hello like a normal person.

Actually i generally avoid speaking to other journey people (well without mutual friends perhaps) for the simple reason that talk soon becomes a subtle battle of who is more at home in India, who is more in touch with the real, who’s more streetwise basically. Just India knowledge generally.
On a lot of points of wankery i can win often.
But that’s part of the problem, cos it tempts me to compete, when i wouldn’t care normally. I’m happy to admit to most people that i’m green, happy not attempting to ‘go native’, and happy being considered a tourist (as opposed to traveller), except when there’s competition for points. And then i can’t help myself. I don’t generally need much encouragement to become the biggest wanker, but when someone else goes there first…

So avoid wankers that is. Lest i allow my inner wanker out. Or, better, avoid the competition by bowing out early, announcing that i’m “happy being a tourist thanks, and no i’m not planning on having any religious – sorry, shpirityool – experiences. Yep i’m just here to exploit the exchange rate. yeah…”

Not quite true, but it makes a point. What is true is that i’m not quite sure actually why i am here. So there, aaaah, i’ve admitted it. No sweat. So just a month left to figure it out. Or maybe [i’ll need] a little longer really. [So perhaps another visit to this wierd place is in order,

which is a bit like going back to a favourite restaurant after its given you food poisoning, just the once

I actually had a really good talk with one of the old ladies at the school. She told me and i quote to the best of my memory (render in quiet, well-pronounced syllables with indian lilt: “there are so many countries you can go to, work and be part of things, not just australia, anywhere. Three fourths of the world is poor, india, africa, south america, you can contribute in so many fields in so many places. Not necessarily must it be the thing you chose. University education today is weak on action, so often it gives the student a huge sense of questioning, an obsession with terms and definitions, talk of this word, of that word, so, strong abstract mind, but no real sense of a starting point, a way to act and be effective in this world. so if its a little basic literacy teaching now, then do that, it will occupy you, or do any other thing, and in time the uses of one’s education will be apparent, and the way you can best use what you have becomes clearer, each thing building on the last.”

ah, god bless.
but time for dinner now. later my friends.

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