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Posted on December 8, 2005


First up, with corny yet timeless appeal, some cute little kids…


Now, some typical Mughal tombs. Available in a variety of flavours: grand; crumbling, totally ruined; under restoration; pleasantly small and sun-dappled; eerie but tranquil at sunset

Safdarjung’s tomb. Built just before the Taj (Mahal, darling). Note the similarity. It is smaller but gets points for being in the middle of Delhi.
Not sure what this one is called. Like many monuments in Delhi it is not named, at the site itself, or in tourist guides, nor marked on maps I’ve seen. Two a penny in Delhi I guess.

Somewhere in Khirki colony. Also un-named.

Now some mosques or masjid:

Khirki Masjid. 1386. Near the tomb above. Cool because it was hard to find, inaccessible by motor vehicle, and deserted except for the dudes out front obviously.

A relatively intact open court, left. A ruined section of open court, right.

An aspect of Begumpur Masjid. I think. Not sure, cos once again un-labelled. Spooky, even in mid afternoon. Just one big court, pillars and domes all round.

Actually, this is a cow. Sorry, a buffalo.
A female buffalo, i discovered moments later.
Which means perhaps one may also address this animal as a cow. I just dont know.
It has nothing to do with mosques. But its what we all want to see.
The cow is not particularly Moghul, which makes a nice change.

Also important amongst old Moghul stone stuff, are forts:
The Red One. Impressive.
Populated by sight seers.

Lal Qila. Almost non existent.
Populated by golf players. The wall divides a main road, and a golf club.
Also populated by the homez here. Homez no 3 wanted 20 rs for climbing on his wall.

Tuqlaqabad fort. Or one fraction of it. Cool. I really like this one. Populated by sheep and cow herders. Not far from the city dump. Not as impressive as Red Fort i’ll give you that, but it has five times the wall length at a rough guess. Scrubland all around, lonely and indescribable.

Finally, as a reward for reading this far, Hannah’s idea of classy humour. Warning: not all content represents the opinions of the publishers.

Buhdee buhdee buhdee thats all folks!

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