Okay still no love

Posted on December 7, 2005


Well i’m being melodramatic, its true. But i feel like it.

Feel like i’m talking to myself. Which i do often, “so its not really a problem on that level” (the guy from Happiness – remember?) but its less hassle just to talk to the air whenever i feel like it, instead of logging on and all this.

So quick straw poll:
a) I’m not promoting this thing well enough.
or b) Or everyone’s busy.
c) my sort of people don’t get blogs (i don’t know enough nerds is that it?)
d) my blog sucks

So please. Tell me. I can take it.
Its the silence i can’t take whooo haa haaa haaaaa.

Actually Delhi is very noisy. And Hannah talks plenty.
And in case you’re wondering:
I have a couple of friends, and a few more acquaintances in Delhi, people who speak english and go out for a bite and some beer.

Its not the company, its the validation okay?

In case you’re all hanging for sightseeing updates, i went and saw heaps of old half forgotten stone piles today and yesterday. One is called Tuqlaqabad. Built by muslim conquerer. Four times the size of Red Fort, but not as advanced. More ruined. More spooky. In the middle of an industrial area, corporate headquarters, city dump, and hard core slum.

People living inside, and hearding cows, and piling up cow dung patties. Rad rad rad.
Just Rad. That’s what i want to see. No really. Classic Indian stuff like that, right in the middle of the city.

So yeah this thing is biggish. Someone Google Earth that. And moreover, i dug out (well no archeologists dug them out) some mosques and tombs from fourteenth century in muslim neighbourhoods. I guess the people never left, and the old buildings remain. All the precious materials and sensitive stuff long gone, but still used in some way, still appreciated. If only by a few. At the very least people can camp in them. Or build right next to them. Or put their rubbish there.

Well thats it for tonight, talk to you soon.


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