Kids say the darndest things

Posted on December 2, 2005


Another session trying to help kids from the slums with their english homework. The teaching area isn’t too crummy actually. Just someone’s rooftop courtyard but its fine, it does okay.

I got tired of phonetics and more phonetics. “t, t, sounds is tuh, r, r , sound is ruh, tuh ruh ee ee, turuheee, tree – now write it please, no write it, no thats a h, no thats an f, write t r e e tree dammit”.

and not having been given any clues about how to teach literacy, i’m making it up myself. don’t know if my methods are valid or not. don’t know if anyone is going to sue me in later years for doing permanent harm to their academic progress.

but hey, there’s not really any such thing as public liability in India.
just random 5 feet deep holes in the footpath. he he i can’t wait to fall down one

So I showed a couple how to play hangman. thought i’d go easy with small words but a couple of smarty pants had it down. so i threw some hindi words in, that stumped em. when i told them i’d changed the rules without saying first, they were amused. then they got revenge on me with some tricky words that i didn’t get. so i got hung.

i mean some really tricky words.

like ‘pineapple’.

then two of them wanted my attention at the same time and i was going mad going back and forth. things got heated, and one kid said something smarty alec to the other in Hindi, so the other said hindi stuff, but i distinctly heard “shut up”. “what a useful phrase” i thought, ‘i’m glad they know that, yes, very handy”.

thought i’d try it out. i told them both shut up. the shocked looks on their faces…
its okay for them to slag each other off, but i’m not allowed.

children huh? i mean they’re cute, wonderful, helpful, innocent, and fun loving.
its just that they are also manipulative, demanding, underhanded, pushy…. wait, its my fault they’re like that, i just have to discipline them correctly right?

what would i know about discipline? sheesh.

i bid a hasty retreat to the chai stand soon after for tea, a quick ciggy, and then ricksha to the internet…

well see you round like a laddu

cheers, me

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